Urban Impact Foundation (UIF) is committed to respecting the privacy of our donors, program
participants, staff, and volunteers. We have developed this privacy policy to communicate that
private information will not be shared with any third party.412.321.3811 x202

 BMT Approval Date: 11/20/2014

Issue Date: 9/11/14

Revision Date(s): 4/21/14

Privacy Policy

Awareness. UIF provides this Privacy Policy to detail the way information is used and how we protect it. We also respect the right for someone to remove their information from our mailing list, if so desired.

Information Collected. Here are the types of information that we collect and maintain:

  • Contact information: name, organization/church (optional), complete address, phone number, email address
  • Payment information: banking information, credit card number/expiration date, and billing information, only as needed for donors choosing to donate via credit card (PCI compliant)
  • Program participant (student) names and demographic information
  • Information shared with UIF by others: questions, comments, suggestions
  • Constituent requests to receive periodic updates; e.g., to individuals who request it, we will send periodic mailings related to specific fund-raising appeals, prayer concerns, and newsletters
  • Social security numbers: only collected as necessary for background checks of staff and volunteers
  • Background check information: only for staff and volunteers working within UIF
  • Staff information necessary for personnel and payroll purposes
  • Photos of program participants (students), staff, and volunteers


Use of Collected Information

Company collects this information for its internal use, such as to enhance website security, to detect broad demographic trends, to assist Company in providing content tailored to your interests, and to otherwise enhance your experience on this Site. Collected information may also be shared with third parties on an aggregate and non-personally identifiable basis. We, along with such third parties, may use both personally identifiable information and non- personally identifiable information, separately or jointly, to improve our marketing and promotional efforts, improve our products and services, better understand customer interests and preferences, and /or provide you relevant information.

Where Information is Stored. Paper documents are stored in locked file cabinets and the UIF offices are locked when vacant. Electronic data is stored on a private and secure server. Policies pertaining to electronic storage of data can be found in the UIF Hardware/Software and Security procedure upon request.

How Information is Used. UIF uses information to understand the needs of our program participants (students) and to improve service. For donors and volunteers, information is utilized to complete donation transactions, communicate when necessary, and provide updates on ministry happenings. Credit card numbers are used only for donation or payment processing and are not retained for other purposes. We use the comments offered to UIF to improve the operation of the UIF ministry. Human resource data and background check information is used for Human Resources purposes and for legal compliance only.

No Sharing of Personal Information. UIF will not sell, rent, or lease personal information to other organizations. We assure that the identity of all our donors, volunteers, staff, and program participants will be kept confidential. Use of information will be limited to the internal purposes of UIF and only to further the ministry activities and purposes of UIF.

Confidentiality Agreements are Used. UIF desires to protect all private information stored on-site, whether stored via paper or electronically. We currently require all staff and volunteers to sign a confidentiality agreement to ensure that all are made aware of how to handle confidential information.

Photo Releases are Required. Parents of UIF student participants and volunteers are asked to sign a photo release form to give permission for UIF to use photos. Prior to putting any photos of participants and volunteers in our publications, UIF verifies that a release form is signed for each participant.

Removing Names from UIF Mailing List. It is our desire to not send unwanted mail or electronic communication to anyone. Individuals can contact UIF to be removed from our mailing list, if desired.

Contacting Us. If there are any comments or questions about the UIF privacy policy, please send us an email at info@uifpgh.org or call us at (412) 321-3811.

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